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Auckland Leadership Camp

June 21, 2021 -

Day. 1
Good leaders need to develop resilience, adaptability and patience. These students definitely learnt this today with our first flight out of Invercargill being cancelled and the only way to get to Auckland was an evening flight out of Queenstown.
We burnt off some of the car trip energy with a few games of lazer tag.
Later students shopped on both a budget and space limitation, before hopping on our flight.

Day. 2
Today we travelled to Manaukau on the train to attend the Grip Leadership conference and develop a plan to improve our ability to lead.
Later we checked out the views of the greater Auckland area with a trip up the Sky Tower.
This we followed by a very yummy buffet meal at the Fortuna Restaurant at Sky City.

Day. 3
Day 3 saw us bus out to the Auckland Zoo to learn about a variety of animals.
Later some students explored the Auckland Art Gallery that had paintings from the 1600’s as well as modern art installations.
We rounded the evening off with the Ice Slide in Aotea Square.

Day 4
Another big day. We spent the morning exploring sea creatures at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium.
In the afternoon we learnt about the past at Auckland Museum
The whole day was topped off by watching the first performance of The Lion King - Musical at Spark Arena.