Bus times and information

Main buses

The school is serviced by a fleet of three buses:


Covers Blackmount Road, as far as Duncraigen Farm. The run begins at 7.30am and arrives at school about 8.10am. The bus also carries secondary children and it is essential that the bus meets up with the other buses at the appropriate time. In the afternoon, primary children only are delivered home in the reverse order straight after school.

Starts at 7.50am on the Mavora Lakes Road and travels out to the main road and down to school by 8.10am, carrying both primary and secondary pupils.

In the afternoon the bus leaves school at about 3.45pm and reaches the top of its run at 4.25pm.

The 'Loop' bus carries both primary and secondary children. It travels around Wilderness and Lagoon Creek Roads, and meets with the Mavora and Takitimu buses at our school at 8.10am. The secondary children then get on the College bus and it heads away into College. In the afternoon the children are delivered home in the reverse order.

Additional buses

In addition to these, children travelling from Manapouri or Te Anau can use the following bus services:


Children from Manapouri and Hillside Road are picked up by the 'Hillside Rd' bus which leaves Manapouri at 7.55am. They transfer to a waiting bus at State Highway 94 to continue on to Mararoa School. In the afternoon, the children travel on the Te Anau bus and transfer onto the Hillside Rd bus at 3.40pm.

Mararoa Bus Notes

Any enquiries regarding arrival/departure times or behaviour, should be reported to the designated bus controller or the Principal.

Bus monitors are appointed for each bus by the Bus Controller. These monitors assist with control of the pupils on the bus, and are responsible for reporting any misbehaviour that could be distracting to the driver or that could endanger the safety of the passengers.

Children who stay behind after school to wait for parents, or who wish to travel on a different bus, will be allowed to do so only if parents have contacted the school by either letter, telephone or the School App (whatever is appropriate).

It would be appreciated if the school could be informed of any regular bus absences - eg. guides, ballet, music lessons etc. This would save repeated contacts.

It should be noted that the use of School Transport is a privilege and not a right.