Mararoa school uniform

Since the beginning of 2011 we have had a compulsory school uniform.

We have worked hard to select a uniform which is not only smart and practical but also cost effective. Parents can purchase plain black trousers and shorts from whichever retailer they choose. All tops are logo'd and and must be ordered through Poppet Clothing Ltd at www.poppetclothing.co.nz

Merino jerseys logo'd can be ordered through the school office.

Boys & Girls Tops (choose from):

Mararoa logo'd red polo shirt
Mararoa logo'd red polar fleece
Mararoa logo'd red polar fleece vest
Mararoa logo'd red crew neck tunic sweatshirt
Mararoa logo'd red cotton rich t-shirt (thinner than the polo shirts for summer wear)
Mararoa logo'd red merino jerseys (purchased through school)

Boys & Girls Bottom Half:

Black long trousers or shorts (no stripes, logos or labels). These can be purchased from any outlet you choose.
Girls can wear black tights and both boys and girls must wear red or black socks.
Black shoes or sandals must also be worn.
Red School Tex sunhats
Girls can wear Mararoa Skort – Black, red and white check design fabric